“I am happy to share my heartfelt testimonial about this incredible daycare. My boys had an absolutely amazing experience during their time here. Not only did they learn and grow tremendously, but they also flourished in an environment filled with care and support. The staff’s kindness and genuine love for my children were evident every day. Their dedication to staying organized and addressing any concerns I had truly set this daycare apart. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my boys to learn and thrive.”   – WPDN Parent, 2023

“It is with true sincerity that I can say how great of an experience it has been to have our daughter enrolled at WPDN since spring of 2019. Through the ups and downs of the pandemic, bumps and bruises and the normal day to day, this school has been such a great resource for our family. I’m happy to say although our daughter is leaving the school to begin kindergarten, we know we will be back next year to enroll our second daughter, as there is no other place in town that offers the caring, age appropriate education and whole family support that this non-profit school does. Thank you for helping to raise and mold the future minds of our community!” – WPDN Parent, 2023

“When looking for a school to enroll my first child for VPK, I came across a recommendation for WPDN from a friend whose son was currently a student. After visiting the school and meeting the incredible teachers and staff, we knew we had found the place for our family. Now with my second second child enrolled, I can easily confirm that this is still the place for us and we couldn’t have found a better facility for our children. Between the education received, how safe my children feel with the educators and staff, and the constant care and support from everyone there, we feel honored to be part of the WPDN school family. I am already looking forward to my daughter starting there next year!”  – WPDN Parent, 2022

“I have always been nervous about putting my daughter into daycare. We moved from Michigan to the Winter Park area and I did not know anyone or anything about childcare. A friend of mine that I met after we moved recommended Winter Park Day Nursery to me because her son was attending there and both our kids are friends. The staff have been amazing. I have seen so much growth with my daughter from speaking, interacting with others, writing, and the list goes on. I am always made aware of what is happening with my daughter, what she is learning, different ways to get involved, and what is happening at the facility in general. Our time will be over when she finishes VPK and it will be a place we will greatly miss because it has felt like home for both of us over the last few years.” – WPDN Parent, 2022

“My children and I do not have family in Orlando but we never feel lonely.  Everyone at WPDN fills our lives with so much love that they are our family.  We don’t want to imagine a life without them.” – WPDN Parent, 2021

“As our journey here at Winter Park Day Nursery begins to come to an end I’m taken back with unexpected emotion. When we decided to enroll our son we simply thought he would enjoy the company of friends while learning new and exciting things daily. We didn’t expect to gain an entirely new family. Each day walking into WPDN is warm and loving and when I drop my baby off I know he will be cared for by the best. In times of uncertainty, they have been there without hesitation, in times my son gains a boo boo- he has been held with love, in times of celebration they have cheered him on every step of the way. Though his new journey awaits we are both comforted in knowing that this is not goodbye but rather a “see you later”. We LOVE WPDN and will continue to speak highly of all that they do.” – WPDN Parent, 2020

I only have good things to say about Winter Park Day Nursery. I knew from my first visit to the school that this was where I wanted to send my children. Ali DeMaria explained to me that they focus on the social and emotional development of their young students. My children have learned and are learning healthy conflict resolution, sharing, taking turns, how to be a good friend and to help others in a fun and nurturing environment. My son is currently learning about architecture, roads and road signs, and most recently he told me that he wants to be an astronaut and land on the moon! Ali along with other staff and teachers have also supported my husband and myself as parents. They have guided us through potty training, behavioral concerns, and assisted us with speech therapy. They go way beyond the ABCs and 123s of child care. Honestly, I could not imagine a better place to send my children for education and childcare than Winter Park Day Nursery.” – WPDN Parent, 2019

“It has truly been an honor to be apart of this school for the last 4 years. Words can never truly express what a peace of mind the staff offer at the school and the joy it was to have my children love this school. We will miss the Winter Park family and wish everyone the best.” – WPDN Parent, 2018

“Thank you for all the support you have shown [my son] and I through the years. We have had a bunch of ups and downs. WPDN has been an incredible support system as well as providing [my son] a safe and nurturing environment through it all. You all are truly incredible. Thank you a million times.” – WPDN Parent, 2017

“My sister and I went there when we were little, sometime between 1977 – 1980.  Ms. Schmidt was running it.  We still have wonderful memories of that nursery. When we were 3, our mom passed away.  She was the one who stayed home with us.  After she passed, our dad had to find a place to take care of us while he worked.  I believe he was only charged for one of us, to help him and us after losing our mom.  We still remember how very nice everyone was.”  – WPDN Alumni, 2017

“I wanted to thank you for the great care the Winter Park Day Nursery provided for [my son]  while he was attending. He was very happy there and I was sad to have to leave. As you know, I teach on the other side of town, I had to find something closer to my school. [My son] still asks about the school and misses his friends and teachers. Thank you for everything you and your staff do for children.” – WPDN Parent, 2016

“Winter Park Day Nursery and its staff has been nothing short of amazing.  It truly feels like a second home for my children.  They come home happy and healthy!  WPDN has been a blessing and I couldn’t ask for a better school for my children!” – WPDN Parent, 2016

“The school is open and the staff keeps me well informed about what is going on with my children.  My children are safe, engaged, and happy here.”  – WPDN Parent, 2016

“You have all been instrumental in getting my son to the level he is currently at and making sure he can enter Kindergarten with his age group with the skills that he needs.” – WPDN Parent, 2016

“You folks continue to do absolutely wonderful and amazing work! Congratulations on 76 years strong!” – Bahiyyah Maroon Ph.D., 2015  

“It’s great to be connected to a place that not only cares about my son but, our family and community as a whole.  I’m so happy I found you all!”  – WPDN Parent, 2015

I just wanted to acknowledge the hard work and effort you guys put forth to make things great for our children as well as the parents. As a single father I’m often cast aside or treated initially as a secondary parent when beginning a new relationship with my children’s doctors, teachers etc. I’ve already experienced the difference now that my daughter has started her new kindergarten. I truly miss the quaintness and family atmosphere you have created there at WPDN. Everyone knew our names, was always friendly and ready to be helpful. I can’t thank you guys enough for the way myself and children were treated as well as how you were able to prepare us for the next stages in their schooling. It’s great to see there’s still people out there that recognize the value of the “little” things. Keep up the great work!” – WPDN Parent, 2015