Due to COVID-19, we are limiting volunteer opportunities at WPDN. There are other ways to support WPDN other than being in the building with the children; you can put together a food drive, a supply drive (we have an Amazon wish list), or you can sanitize the playgrounds or work in the garden during our off hours.  Please reach out to volunteer@wpdaynursery.org for more information. 

Volunteers (ages 16+) are welcome to assist the teachers in the classroom.

Our volunteers often spend their time:

  • Reading – Read stories to help children learn to read and prepare for a life of learning.
  • Art – Help children explore various mediums and methods and develop their artistic talents.
  • Drama – Work with our students to act out simple stories and help them develop early writing skills.
  • Music – Help children develop a love for music by sharing various instruments, song and dance activities.
  • Sports – Teach the value of teamwork and cooperation while helping students build motor skills and coordination.

Volunteers who would like to work in the classrooms are welcome to volunteer between the hours of 9:00 am to 11:30 am or 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Volunteers helping outside of the classroom are welcome to come anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Download our volunteer forms here. If any of these opportunities interests you or if you have some ideas of your own, please email volunteer@wpdaynursery.org or call 407-647-0505 to schedule a time to come by the school for a tour and a brief volunteer interview which will take approximately 30 minutes. **Volunteers must volunteer for a minimum of once a week for at least four weeks.**

Please take a moment and read our Volunteer Program Descriptions and let us know which one you are interested in:

Reading Buddies– Help children develop a love for reading by reading fiction and non-fiction books in order to make connections, improve comprehension, vocabulary and develop early writing skills.  **This program requires a level two background check at the expense of the volunteer.**

Book Worms– Organize and manage library and surrounding area to facilitate an effective reading environment.

Project Bloom– Help maintain a clean and safe environment for children to explore and play by sanitizing toys and our facility. Perform general outside beautification tasks, including, but not limited to, pulling weeds, washing windows, cleaning playground equipment and working in our school family garden.

Creative Kids– Explore children’s creativity through different art mediums, crafts and creations. Guide children through educational songs and dances. Act out simple plays to promote creative outlets and growth.

Butterfly Buddies– Engage with children in a classroom setting. Assist teachers with daily activities and work individually with children who are having a challenging day.