Winter Park Day Nursery

At Winter Park Day Nursery, serving our families and students while taking every precaution during these trying times is our highest priority. While COVID-19 is still prevalent in our state, WPDN has established policies and procedures to ensure that we are maintaining the health and safety of our students, families and staff. Our staff is required to wear masks unless eating, drinking, or in the breakroom. Temperature checks are done with a no touch thermometer on every child, staff member, and parent at drop off, and again at 11:00AM and 3:00PM. Our staff are diligently sanitizing. Toys that have been used once are sanitized before being used again, and each child ages 2 and up has their own bag of materials (such as crayons, play dough, and scissors) to use throughout the day to minimize the risk of exposure. All toys are sanitized at the end of every day and White Coat Disinfecting & Building Wash comes once a month and sanitizes our preschool and both playgrounds. Our students are becoming master hand-washers as we practice again and again proper hand-washing techniques. We are following CDC grouping guidelines to the fullest extent possible. WPDN is proud to be an essential service to our community!

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