“It has truly been an honor to be apart of this school for the last 4 years. Words can never truly express what a peace of mind the staff offer at the school and the joy it was to have my children love this school. We will miss the Winter Park family and wish everyone the best.” -Parent, 2018


“Thank you for all the support you have shown [my son] and I through the years. We have had a bunch of ups and downs. WPDN has been an incredible support system as well as providing [my son] a safe and nurturing environment through it all. You all are truly incredible. Thank you a million times.” -Parent, 2017


“My sister and I went there when we were little, sometime between 1977 – 1980.  Ms. Schmidt was running it.  We still have wonderful memories of that nursery. When we were 3, our mom passed away.  She was the one who stayed home with us.  After she passed, our dad had to find a place to take care of us while he worked.  I believe he was only charged for one of us, to help him and us after losing our mom.  We still remember how very nice everyone was.”  -WPDN Alumni, 2017


“I wanted to thank you for the great care the Winter Park Day Nursery provided for [my son]  while he was attending. He was very happy there and I was sad to have to leave. As you know, I teach on the other side of town, I had to find something closer to my school. [My son] still asks about the school and misses his friends and teachers. Thank you for everything you and your staff do for children.” -Parent, 2016


“Winter Park Day Nursery and its staff has been nothing short of amazing.  It truly feels like a second home for my children.  They come home happy and healthy!  WPDN has been a blessing and I couldn’t ask for a better school for my children!”  -Parent, 2016


“The school is open and the staff keeps me well informed about what is going on with my children.  My children are safe, engaged, and happy here.”  -Parent, 2016


“You have all been instrumental in getting my son to the level he is currently at and making sure he can enter Kindergarten with his age group with the skills that he needs.”  -Parent, 2016


“You folks continue to do absolutely wonderful and amazing work! Congratulations on 76 years strong!”  -Bahiyyah Maroon Ph.D., 2015  


“It’s great to be connected to a place that not only cares about my son but, our family and community as a whole.  I’m so happy I found you all!”   -Parent, 2015


I just wanted to acknowledge the hard work and effort you guys put forth to make things great for our children as well as the parents. As a single father I’m often cast aside or treated initially as a secondary parent when beginning a new relationship with my children’s doctors, teachers etc. I’ve already experienced the difference now that my daughter has started her new kindergarten. I truly miss the quaintness and family atmosphere you have created there at WPDN. Everyone knew our names, was always friendly and ready to be helpful. I can’t thank you guys enough for the way myself and children were treated as well as how you were able to prepare us for the next stages in their schooling. It’s great to see there’s still people out there that recognize the value of the “little” things. Keep up the great work!”   -Parent, 2015